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"5 times work out weekly but can not lose weight, apply daily meal nutrition program, lose 5kg immediately

I came accross Easy Diet in early 2016 while searching for something better than the two previous low carb caterers I was trying. One has pretty good prices and services yet the food is mostly Vietnamese. The other serves a variety of food like fusion, however, their prices are pretty high and if you want to change/switch dishes on menu, you gotta pay extra 50k each time.

I am a gourmet so after 3 months trying these two, I decided to give Easy Diet a try. Surprisingly, prices are more affordable, food is so much better, in term of variety and tastes and the most important thing is their excellent services. The Customer service team, has been consistently responsive to a perfectionist client like me, lol. She patiently listens to all my comments on the dishes and then fixes it right away if need be. If there are dishes I cant take or dislike, she freely let me switch to anything that is available. She even takes notes some ingredients I dont take and makes sure they will never appear in my dishes.

I have been with Easy Diet for over a year and truly am satisfied with their food and services. I work out 5 days a week and commit to this diet 5 days a week as well. Before I started low carb diet, no matter how hard I worked out in the gym, my weight kept fluctuating around 60-62kgs. Just over the past year, I have managed to bring it down to 57 kgs, body fat from 24.5% to 14.2%, thanks to the huge contribution of Easy Diet."